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Summer’s Just Begun, But The Southwestern U.S. Is Already Baking

Parts of California, Nevada and Arizona are under excessive heat warnings through Sunday night.
Source: Summer’s Just Begun, But The Southwestern U.S. Is Already Baking

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Beavers add water to dry landscape

Alastair Bland writes for Water Deeply:
On California’s central coast, a region that usually receives drenching rainfall or fog for most of the year, some forests are now as arid as a desert. Streams that once ran at least at a trickle through summer have vanished in the ongoing drought, and environmentalists and fishermen fear that […]

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Governor Brown finds ways around CEQA

Steve Lopez writes for the LA Times:

Covering the California Coastal Commission is like getting addicted to a soap opera. It’s one dramatic turn after another, power and money are central characters and there’s an occasional knife in the back.
Today’s Cali-Novela episode features three interconnected story lines:
Is California Gov. Jerry Brown poised to clear the way for development […]

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Forests heal us

 Mark Johanson writes for the BBC:
14 June 2016

Scottish literary giant Robert Louis Stevenson wrote that it’s “not so much for its beauty that the forest makes a claim upon men’s hearts, as for that subtle something, that quality of air, that emanation from old trees, that so wonderfully changes and renews a weary spirit.”
Forest bathing […]

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California’s colorful despite drought

Sara Aminzadeh calls it out for Popular Resistance:
As the drought continues, Californians are stepping up to conserve water, and collectively exceeded Gov. Brown’s 25 percent reduction mandate in June 2015. Nonetheless, water-intensive lawns and other hallmarks of an English garden-style landscape still remain a huge draw on our state’s dwindling water supply.

Outdoor watering accounts for about half of residential […]

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Brown’s aide, the PUC and his PG&E stock

From the Mercury News, by George Avalos:
SAN BRUNO — Gov. Jerry Brown’s top aide — a former PG&E executive — influenced the governor’s decisions for appointments to the powerful and tarnished state Public Utilities Commission to prop up PG&E’s stock, a consumer group claimed on Monday.
“The governor needs to take this seriously,” said Jamie Court, […]

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Warren Buffett Wants To Build The Nation’s Largest Wind Farm

His company, MidAmerican Energy, has pledged $3.6 billion toward the project.

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Developers bully California Coastal Commission

Banning Ranch oil field Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times

A pump jack in the Banning Ranch oil field. Nature hasn’t let go here; prickly pear cactus, grasslands, scrub-coated arroyos and marshes provide refuge for wildlife that has all but vanished from the Southland’s coastline.
A pump jack in the Banning Ranch oil field. Nature hasn’t […]

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Fly could control invasive plant

Cape Ivy is a big problem in California’s Central Coast forests, including the rare Monterey Pine forest in Cambria. The only herbicide that has been effective is glyphosate, which has been connected to causing cancer and is difficult to apply. To kill Cape Ivy, a dilute solution has to be applied to the leaves, not enough to […]

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Biocontrol for Cape Ivy

Michael Doyle reports on using an introduced fly to control Cape Ivy:

Coastal Californians battling pervasive Cape ivy have been waiting years for a helpful fly with a regal name.
Now, Agriculture Department officials are finally getting ready to pull the trigger, turning the fly loose on the weedy vine that’s infested shady parts of the […]

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Kids in the forest

 Stephen H. Provost reports in The Cambrian:

It was a watershed moment for Santa Lucia Middle School students: planting Monterey pine trees Monday in Cambria’s Strawberry Canyon.
There’s a double meaning there, because the students in Danielle Narzisi’s sixth-grade class have been learning about the Santa Lucia Creek watershed as part of their environmental education class at […]

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LA Weekly analyzes coastal development

California’s Coastal Commission fired its executive director over the protests of thousands of Californians. LA Weekly takes a close look at the forces pressing coastal development.
Mary Shallenberger, one of the five commissioners who voted to keep Lester, is seen by activists as the biggest foe of coastal development. She’s also one of the few commissioners […]

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Community Supported Fisheries

Community Supported Fisheries are a different way to buy local fish. But they don’t address the issues of overfishing and resource depletion.
Community-supported fisheries bring the benefits of community-supported agriculture to the seas. Customers support their local economies, while receiving the freshest of seafood.
Mark Tognazzini has been fishing his whole life. On California’s Central Coast, fishing […]

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Goats recycle Christmas trees

CNN reports:
Wedged between train tracks in an industrial corner of San Francisco, a herd of goats is dining on piles of old Christmas trees.
They aren’t picky about the type — fir, pine or spruce — but the newest tree is automatically deemed the most delicious, and anything sprayed with flame retardant is shunned.

The goats belong […]

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Porter Ranch gas catastrophe

LA Weekly looks at What Went Wrong at Porter Ranch:
Before she retired in 2014, Anneliese Anderle was a field engineer for the Division of Oil, Gas and Geothermic Resources, which regulates oil drilling. She worked out of offices in Bakersfield, Cypress and Ventura, and for a while she was responsible for monitoring the massive natural […]

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Growing food at home is legal!

Read about it at Insteading:
As surprising as it may seem, you actually don’t have the right to grow your own fruits and vegetables on your own private property. In some states- Florida, namely- people have been fined thousands of dollars for planting vegetable gardens and even gone to prison for trying to live off the […]

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Sea otter pup born to rescued mom

Monterey Bay Aquarium posted a video of a newborn sea otter pup, who was born to her mother in the aquarium’s Great Tidepool. Watch an hour of the video here.

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Pastured eggs score with consumers

NYTimes reports:
CRESCENT CITY, Calif. — A decade ago, a couple running a dairy business in Northern California visited a Mennonite farm where the owner had used a flock of laying hens to teach his children business principles and instill values like responsibility and care for nature.
They returned home and bought 150 hens for their boys, […]

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Unattractive fruit finds appreciation

The NYTimes reports:
EMERYVILLE, Calif. — The eggplants are crooked and a little long-necked, contorted enough that they would probably lose in a beauty pageant against rounder or more symmetrical aubergines.
In the field where they were grown or in the supermarkets for which they were once destined, they would presumably have been discarded. Not because they […]

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Whale Ahoy! visits San Simeon Cove

John FitzRandolph reports on a young humpback whale in San Simeon Cove:
This story could develop into the North Coast’s marine mammal mystery of the year, and it could prove to be among the most treasured wildlife encounters witnessed here in many years. This photo taken by Vicki Morrow, as published in The Cambrian.

For 24 consecutive […]

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