Festival Name and Logo contest….
Clever, artistic talent wanted!
Showcase your talent
Win local acclaim and recognition
Win great prizes!

This coming March, The Hippodrome, Florida Defenders of the Environment and GoGreenNation.org will present the first ever Annual Environmental Film and Art Festival in Gainesville. We’d like to invite you to help us name and design the logo for this festival… but you have to hurry.

  • Who can apply: Anyone may apply.
  • What we need: Logo images incorporating your suggested festival title. You may submit only 3 images so send us only your very best. Submitted art work must be full color, high resolution (300 dpi) jpgs.
  • When: Deadline – December 13, 2009 (11:59 p.m.) The winner will be announced January 11, 2010 DEADLINE EXTENDED to Feb. 1, 2010.
  • Awards/prizes:
– The winner of the contest will be listed in the program distributed to thousands of people during our 10-day fest! If you are an up and coming graphics designer or even an established designer, this is a great way to get your name in the public.
-. Two VIP passes to the 10-day festival.
– Two Annual VIP passes ($350 value) to the Hippodrome Cinema.
  • How: Send your entries by email to filmfest@thehipp.org

*The submitted designs will become the property of the event organizers. If no winner can be chosen from the submitted entries then the organizers maintain the right to withdraw all offers and prizes.

go green GoGreenNation.org works with regional environmental
and green groups using a viral network to provide
environmental news and resources
to citizens throughout Florida and beyond.

See below for more information about this incredible Festival!

Gainesville Environmental Film and Arts Festival, March 19-28, 2010
Tentative plans include:

  • 18 film screenings of five films
  • 5 film-related discussion sessions
  • 4 workshops: environmental education and filmmaking workshops, environmental social networking workshop, greening your business
  • 2 gallery shows
  • 6 nature outings with professional tour guides
  • Networking opportunities to connect environmental groups and individuals to work together to promote sustainability in the community
  • Short film contest for high school students in Florida: students will produce five-minute film. Approved topics will include public service announcements for nature centers, parks, environmental groups or issues, natural resources and sustainable businesses in their communities. Selected shorts and PSAs will be screened during a “red carpet” celebration to recognize the students’ work.
  • A day-long celebration at the Bo Diddley Plaza to “educate, enlighten and entertain” will include music, information booths, and, after dark, screenings of the top high school shorts and a free family-friendly film.
  • VIP Reception for filmmakers and supporters Read on for more details. A 10-day festival featuring a series of films, exhibits, art, music, activities and events in Gainesville, Florida, focused on the environment. The focus of the festival is to use film and other art forms to raise environmental awareness and resolve environmental issues.

Film – The focus of our film program is to bring in relevant, professional environmental feature-length films to our audiences. Four feature films will be presented in rotation at the Hippodrome Cinema. Our goal is to raise enough funds to be able to offer these films for free. We want to expand our reach beyond those people who generally turnout to similar screenings and provide open access to the citizens of Alachua County and beyond.

High School Short Film Competition – The short film competition is open to all local High School Students providing them an opportunity to showcase an environmental issue, local green business, organization and local natural resources as well as their film making skills.

Saturday Celebration – Two hours of environmental films and our students’ winning films will be offered to the community at the outdoor Bo Diddley Plaza in downtown Gainesville along with an environmental education fair, intergenerational and intercultural activities for all ages and performances at the weekend culmination of the 10-day festival. This eight-hour event will include participation by area environmental organizations who wish to connect with members of the public to share information about their projects and help them to get involved in helping to solve environmental issues.

Art Gallery Exhibits – Several prominent art galleries through the region will feature special exhibits of environmental-themed art work during our Environmental Film and Arts Festival week.

Learning Opportunities – We will coordinate with local organizations and agencies to schedule a series of workshops and seminars throughout the week and before and after films to inform attendees about ongoing projects and how they can become involved in issues that interest and concern them. Experts will provide workshops on best green practices, local green opportunities, as well as workshops for filmmakers including screenwriting, film production, and producing films using environmentally sustainable practices.

Exploring our Natural Resources – Alachua County and the greater Gainesville area is rich with natural beauty and protected areas. Outdoor specialists will plan activities and outings on Sunday to introduce participants of every age to the wealth of natural resources in our community to help inspire stewardship and a desire to help protect the quality and endurance of our wilderness, waterways and open spaces.

Through this project we will draw together organizations, businesses and individuals who are working to address environmental issues and build partnerships between the arts, government, community and businesses to develop practices for sustainable living.

This project needs funding, sponsorships and collaborative organizations. Please let us know what you think and how you’d like to help!


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