Green Drinks hosts Gainesville City Commission Candidate Forum January 4th
Posted by Trish Riley, December 22, 2011

Green Drinks invites the community to attend a candidate forum for the upcoming Gainesville City Commission election. The forum will take place at Blue Water Bay (, at its new Gainesville location (12 SE 2nd Ave.) on Wednesday, January 4, 2012 from 6-8pm.

Numerous candidates from both the At-Large and the District 1 races have already confirmed attendance, and each will be given several minutes to speak, in addition to a question & answer session. There will also be opportunities for one-on-one discussion with candidates both before and after the forum.

Green Drinks is a non-profit international organization that meets informally each month in more than 700 cities worldwide to bring together sustainable businesses, organizations and government leaders who are working to create an environmentally healthy and sustainable future. We meet in Gainesville the first Wednesday each month at different locations to provide the opportunity to showcase sustainable businesses and to connect those who are engaged in creating a healthy future for our community and the planet.

Green Drinks Gainesville is presented by, an environmental news and resource website. Green Drinks has been a wonderful forum for discussion and dissemination of ideas, and was the incubator for the annual Cinema Verde Environmental Film & Arts Festival. Our meetings average 30-60 attendees each month; we recently celebrated our third anniversary with more than 150 attendees. Anyone interested in sustainability issues is welcome to attend Green Drinks; it’s a great networking opportunity.

For more information about Green Drinks, or to learn how we can help you showcase your sustainable business or organization at our community events, please contact Trish Riley (352-327-3560

Please share our events with friends and in your newsletters: Green Drinks meets the first Wednesday of each month at varying sustainable businesses. For location information visit

Come join us in celebrating the second anniversary of Green Drinks hosted by the Alachua County Conservation Trust at Prairie Creek Lodge, 7204 SE County Rd. 234. David Pais, of Pais Realty, will be sponsoring the event along with ACT.

Food and drink will be provided along with music by Orangutang and Weeds of Eden. Bring your kids early for a special 6 pm night time opportunity to meet baby panthers and a Madagascar lemur exhibit by Single Vision Inc.


Hello Green Drinkers of Gainesville!

Our meeting at Volta Coffeehouse was definitely interesting. Owner Anthony Rue took time to tell his how his experiences cave diving in Florida springs led him to open his business, and to make it as sustainable as possible. Everyone enjoyed his tales about Gainesville’s delicious fresh water and the importance of fair-trade, shade grown coffee such as he offers at Volta. Many enjoyed his brews while we talked on the outdoor patio.

Hello Green Drinkers of Gainesville!

Thanks to all who attended our Green Drinks meeting at 706 on Oct. 6. Manager Aaron Newton provided a fine venue with delectable dinners and libations. Randy Wells shared info about the bike/run/walk event associated with UF’s Homecoming parade and RibFest. Mickey McKenzie told us about Keep Alachua County Beautiful (KACB) and their current activities.

Our next Green Drinks meeting will be held at Volta Tea and Coffee, 48 SW 2nd Street, 6 – 98 p.m. Nov. 3. Be forewarned that Volta offers only pastries, not dinner… but we’re there to drink and talk, right? Bring your cards and collateral and let me know if you have an announcement to make.

Cinema Verde Fundraiser at the new Urban Flats – Please bring your friends and join us for this opportunity to raise funds for Cinema Verde! From 6 to 8 p.m. on Nov. 9, Urban Flats (115 SE 1st Avenue) will host a fundraiser for Cinema Verde. All-you-can-eat and drink wine, flatbread and spreads for your $20 donation. We will be screening trailers of some of the films that we are considering for Cinema Verde. I hope to see you there!

In the meantime, here are a couple of events at UF that might interest Green Drinkers:

“Tapestry thinking and tapestry actions: weaving threads of science, arts, and the humanities to create the good life” in connection with the humanities course “What is the Good Life?”

Moral Ground: Why It’s Wrong to Wreck the World

Hello Green Drinkers of Gainesville!

We had a good meeting at Warehouse on August 4 – great food and drinks and wonderful space – THANK YOU Richard and Ryan! The only drawback was that it was a bit difficult to hear those who needed to share information with us, and I apologize for that to Robert Pearce, who brought us up to speed on the Koppers/Cabot Superfund Site; Rick Nesbit, who told us about his run for Alachua County School Board (vote August 24!); Kevin Veach, who told us about his new business, Green Energy Options, which provides a comprehensive energy and efficiency audit and advice on cutting your carbon footprint; and Annie Pais, who told us about The Blue Path, now on exhibit at Florida Museum of Natural History. Thank you all and all others who shared your sustainability initiatives with those of us who are forging a green road to the future.

Next up, Green Drinks Gainesville will meet at The Original Pizza Palace, 604 NW 13 St., 6-8+ p.m. on Sept. 1.  Mike Amish of Indigo Green Store and the U.S. Green Building Council will share his experiences building shelters in Haiti with Barrels of Hope and Jacob Cravey of EarthGivers. Come see how they did it and who they were able to help with this innovative design!

Join us to share news about your own green projects and help us build a more sustainable community! Bring your friends, cards, brochures, fliers; wear a name tag!

See you there,

Trish Riley
Director: Cinema Verde: Gainesville’s Second Annual Environmental Film and Arts Festival
Publisher, Environmental news and resources to create a sustainable world
American Society of Journalists and Authors – Society of Environmental Journalists
The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Green Living (Penguin/Alpha Books 2007)
The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Greening Your Business (with Heather Gadonniex, Penguin/Alpha Books 2009)
Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami and the Florida Keys (W.W. Norton/Countryman Press 2005, 2009)
The Explorer’s Guide to South Florida (with Sandra Friend, W.W. Norton/Countryman Press 2010)
www.teddistails.comWhat another great Green Drinks we enjoyed on July 7, 2010,! Many thanks to Luis Diaz, who hosted us at the Town of Tioga, providing drinks for all. And thanks to Tioga property manager Dorothy Cayce, who organized the event and shuttled delicious pizzas and salads from Blue Highway in the Tioga Town Center.

It was great to see so many Green Drinkers at the party… Janet Davies brought a green flag that she suggested we take on as our mascot – from now on, look for the green flag to find our meetings.

Thanks, too, to Melanie Martin, who told us about her and husband Haskell’s company, Moksa Organics, which produces organic soaps and bodycare products. Melanie recognized Robbie Blake, her childhood music teacher, who has joined us as development director for our Environmental Film Festival.

Karen Arrington brought us up to speed on hair collections for the Gulf Oil Spill and several others made announcements about sustainable projects happening around Alachua County. We’ve posted details at, our local and national resource site for building sustainable communities.

If you’d like to host a Green Drinks meeting or a fund raiser for the Environmental Film Festival, please let us know: We’re actively seeking sponsors for both events!

Many thanks to all our supporters,

Green Drinks Gainesville June 2

Posted by Trish Riley, May 26, 2010

Green Drinks Gainesville will meet at Kickin’ Devil Cafe, 6 – 8 p.m. June 2. Join us to talk with Pete Colverson of Pandion Systems about techniques to ramp up our conservation efforts as part of the evolving GoGreenNation Conservation Challenge – we can beat California and be the most efficient community in Florida – come on board and let’s get started!

Kickin’ Devil offers cajun delicacies and your first drink is free! Stick around for music – Blues Lightning plays at 8 p.m.

Kickin’ Devil Cafe‎2 Blocks West of Sonnys off Waldo Road, 2017 NE 27th Ave, Gainesville FL, FL 32609(352) 505-6660‎

Hello Gainesville Greenies!

Bet you thought I’d forgotten about you, eh? No such luck. While I’ve been very busy catching up with my life and work post-film festival, I’ve been thinking a lot about our Green Drinks group, and I’d like for us to talk about that at our next meeting on Wednesday this week. Please bring your thoughts and ideas regarding how we’d like to shape this wonderful gang of sustainably-minded neighbors we’ve pulled together and how to make our best ideas happen.

Hopefully you already have the first Wednesday marked on your calendar for our Green Drinks meeting, but I apologize for not getting this info to you sooner. We’ll meet at Amelia’s restaurant, 235 S. Main St., in the Sun Center Plaza downtown, 6 – 8 p.m., Wednesday May 5. Chef and owner Andy Fass has offered to create a few special deals for us, and if you’ve been there before, you know they’ll be delicious. Andy will tell us about his efforts to create a more sustainable restaurant.

Also on our guest list this week will be Cheryl Kraut and Kaya Ideker, founders of Protect Gainesville’s Citizens, a group organized to provide information about the Cabot/Koppers Superfund site. They’ll tell us about their group and the latest activities regarding the site.

Huge thanks to Mary Alford, Jason Fults and the Heart of Florida USGBC chapter for organizing such an interesting panel for our April meeting. I really appreciated their work to create a very informative meeting, and I particularly enjoyed the Q&A with the panel afterward. Thanks to everyone for your help and participation!

Please let me know if you’d like to collaborate to showcase your group, organization or business with Green Drinks for a future meeting!

I look forward to seeing everyone at Amelia’s on Wednesday.


April 2010

Good Morning, Gainesville Greenies,

The Film Festival was a resounding success: Thank you all for your help and support! I’m looking forward to getting started on 2011, but first, I’m taking a moment to get caught up on  the rest of our work, lives and sleep.

A few people have asked about our next Green Drinks meeting, so I’m sending this reminder. There are also a few other interesting “green” events coming up that you might find interesting; check our Events Calendar at

Green Drinks Gainesville: April 7, 2010, 6 p.m.

The Heart of Florida U.S. Green Building Council will host our April Green Drinks meeting. USGBC has planned a panel discussion on North Central Florida’s energy future at:

Virtually Cuban, 2409 SW 13th St.

The theme for this panel discussion will be long-term planning for energy conservation and renewable generation in North Central FL. We will have 3-5 panelists giving short presentations on this theme from a wide variety of perspectives. Panelists include Sean McLendon, Ken Fonorow, and a representative from Carbon Solutions.

I look forward to seeing you at Green Drinks!



Trish Riley
Co-Director: Gainesville Environmental Film and Arts Festival – March 19-28, 2010

American Society of Journalists and Authors – Society of Environmental Journalists
The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Green Living (Penguin/Alpha Books 2007)
The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Greening Your Business (with Heather Gadonniex, Penguin/Alpha Books 2009)
Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami and the Florida Keys (W.W. Norton/Countryman Press 2005, 2009)
The Explorer’s Guide to South Florida (with Sandra Friend, W.W. Norton/Countryman Press 2010)

Green Drinks Candidates Night March 3

Hello Gainesville Greenies,

Thank you all so much for your support of our first annual Gainesville Environmental Film and Arts Festival. We’ve generated about half of what we need thus far, thanks in part to the fundraisers hosted by Alachua Conservation Trust and Sustainable Alachua County, which many of you attended. We really appreciate the help of these groups, and we appreciate your interest and support.

Please continue to help spread the word to any other sustainable organizations, businesses or individuals who’d like to join our effort to bring this fiesta of environmental information and networking to our community. All our info is now available online at this beautiful site created by volunteer David Kofahl: or you can contact us directly at:

Our next Green Drinks meeting will be a Candidates Night. I’m inviting all current candidates participating in local elections to join us and share their views. Come prepared with questions. We’ll meet 6-8->p.m. March 3 at Boca Fiesta, 232 SE 1st St., and Palomino, 19 se 2nd place. The restaurants share an outdoor courtyard, where we’ll gather, weather permitting. Local candidates have another event to attend at 7 p.m., so we’ll ask them to speak promptly at 6 p.m., then have our social hour afterward.

From Cameron Brown, owner of the new Palomino: “We started dreaming of opening our place shortly after the closing of happy hour pool hall,which I worked at for 9 years. Happy hour was a community based pool room that serviced Gainesville for 60 years.We look forward to continuing the philosophy of giving people a friendly atmosphere in which to have lots of fun,and a place that will fell as comfortable as their own living room. As for ways that we are helping the environment in which we live,most of the things that we have done thus far happened at the construction level.These consist of using pre-existing materials in creative ways, throwing as little as possible away and using energy-efficient a.c.’s. We look forward to constantly improving our environmental footprint, and we look forward to all of your suggestions!”

Hope to see you there!


Hello Gainesville Greenies!

Thanks so much to those of you who came out to Lux a few weeks ago to enjoy delicious Indian food prepared by Sarjit and Ed Kellerman on behalf of Project Nepal, which provides educational materials to students in Nepal. We had a wonderful meal and a nice time. Steve Nichtberger told us how he’d created the lovely Lux Bar from recycled materials, and shared his rather challenging experiences as a business owner trying to meet local code requirements.

Then we responded to a half dozen questions about the local job market… thanks to Ken McMurry for taking notes. I sent our responses to the White House Community Job Forum as requested. I was pleased that our group offered a lot of advice on developing more sustainable businesses and job opportunities, and I hope that our input is useful as the White House develops further recovery plans. I’ll let you all know if we get any further response from the administration.

For those of you who are in business, I learned about a great program managed by Florida Works that provides salary reimbursement for workers who meet specific requirements, i.e. they need to be the parent of a minor child. This seems like so much better a plan than just using government funds to pay out unemployment claims. It gets people to work and it helps businesses. Interested business owners should apply right away for the Florida Back to Work program at:

Our next meeting, 6 – 9 p.m. Feb. 3, will be a fund raiser sponsored by Alachua Conservation Trust for the first annual Gainesville Environmental Film and Arts Festival, which I hope you’ll all take ownership of (figuratively and literally) because it’s an idea that was born at our August Green Drinks meeting. Shirley Lasseter of the Hippodrome and I have grabbed onto this idea and we are hustling to make it happen – we have developed a plan for a 10-day festival with at least five major environmental films, an environmental fair where organizations and businesses can meet with the public, and outings to showcase our beautiful natural resources in the area. We’ve been enthusiastically received… now we’re trying to put the finances together to make it work. Alachua Conservation Trust has offered to host our next meeting at their new acquisition, the lovely Prairie Creek Lodge (please click here for directions). ACT will arrange for hors d’oeuvres and drinks, and provide live music courtesy of the popular local ensemble, Weeds of Eden. There will be a bonfire outside, weather permitting, and ACT will show slides of the beautiful natural resources ACT and our environmental film festival seek to protect. We’ll offer a few door prizes and we also plan to screen a short film on Florida’s waterways provided by local award-winning film producer Wes Skiles. This will be just a sip of what we plan to offer at the Film Festival, and we hope it will inspire you – and everyone you know – to chip in to help make our Film Festival a success.

We’re requesting a minimum donation of $10 to attend the party and partake the refreshments, but we do hope you’ll consider making a more substantial donation to the Film Festival – please bring your checkbooks. And if you know of any sustainable businesses, organizations, or individuals who’d like to support the environmental film festival, please bring them along, too. I’ve attached the film festival brochure with details on sponsorship opportunities. We’ve got a poster in the works, and any Major Sponsors who sign up by Jan. 27 will have their logo displayed on this beautiful promotional piece that will be posted across town through the end of March. Please pass this information along to anyone or any businesses you think might like to be part of this exciting event.

RSVPs appreciated via email, phone, or forum:

Final note: We have some elections coming up in March, and I thought it would be nice to host any candidates who’d like to share their views with our members at our March meeting. If you know a candidate, please invite them to join our March 3 meeting and we’ll offer a forum for them to share their ideas. Please let me know…

Many thanks to all, and to all, Happy Green Year!

Green Drinks Film Festival flyer
Green Drinks Gainesville
will help raise funds and excitement for
The First Annual Gainesville Environmental Film and Arts Festival
Wednesday, February 3, 2010
6 – 9 pm
Prairie Creek Lodge

Casual, refreshments, free

Donations will be solicited
to support the festival

The Gainesville Environmental Film and Arts Festival

is a collaborative effort of the Hippodrome Theatre and

This festival will engage
the community with:
— film, music, dance, poetry, photography and visual art exhibitions
— school-related programs
— community conservation projects
— green business education

The festival will be held March 19 – 28, 2010, presenting ten days of the best in environmental feature films and documentaries  and will culminate in an Environmental Fair
and free family film at the Bo Diddley Downtown Community Plaza.
Let us know how you’d like to participate – CLICK HERE:

— Trish Riley — Film Festival Director; Publisher, 954-384-9466
— Shirley Lasseter — Director, Hippodrome Cinema:

Green Drinks Film Festival flyer

Directions to Prairie Creek Lodge
a meeting and conference eco-lodge
owned and operated by
Alachua Conservation Trust, Inc.
From the intersection of University Avenue
and Main Street in downtown Gainesville:
— Drive east on University Avenue (SR 26) a distance
of 1.1 miles; then,
— Veer right onto Hawthorne Road (SR 20) and
drive southeast 5.2 miles; then,
— Turn right onto CR 2082 and drive 1.2 miles;
— Turn right onto CR 234, cross the Gainesville-
Hawthorne Rail Trail, and drive south 0.9 miles;
— Turn right at the mailbox labeled “7204”, and
stay straight on the dirt driveway 0.5 miles through
the gate and to the Lodge.
Alachua Conservation Trust: (352) 373-1078 [office]
Robert Hutchinson (Director) : (352) 256-6043 [cell]
Ivor Kincaide (Land Manager): (352) 377-6253 [cell]

Green Drinks Gainesville will be hosting a White House Community Jobs Forum at our next meeting, Jan. 6,  6-8-> p.m. at Lux Bar, 211 W. University Ave. in Gainesville.

These Jobs Forums are being held around the country and we’ll provide local feedback for the president to consider. There are six questions about which sectors of the economy are working, expanding, hiring and which aren’t; what are local opportunities for job growth;  what are local obstacles; etc. If this interests you, please come prepared with your comments – or share them with us here online – particularly about green jobs.

Our meeting will be sponsored by Project Nepal, a foundation that provides educational materials to students in Nepal. Edmund and Sargit Kellerman will provide Indian and Malaysian dinner of Murktha and Chana Curry with basmati rice and amazing Malaysian tea for a suggested donation of $7 to $10. Cash bar.

Mr. Kellerman will tell us about Project Nepal, and Steve Nichtenberg of Lux will tell us about his erforts to create a  sustainable business. Afterward, we’ll convene the White House Community Jobs Forum for those who’d like to contribute.

Please plan to attend! For more info: nepal green drinks



Thanks to David Pais, Pais Realty and Pais Landscapes, who has generously offered to sponsor our drinks for the party to celebrate our first anniversary! Raise a toast of thanks to David!

indigo meeting notice

IMG_1149Green Drinks Anniversary Party at Indigo, Dec. 2, 6 – 8pm, 322 SW 4th Ave.

I can hardly believe that our December meeting will mark one year of Green Drinks Gainesville meetings, can you? We’ve gone from three guests at our first meeting to as many as 60 (thank you, Brave Space Design!). We’ve had intimate discussions about our efforts to help make our community more sustainable, and we’ve had great green networking sessions. I’ve been thinking about all of the cool things that have evolved from Green Drinks, and about what’s next for us. I hope you’ll think about this and bring your thoughts to our next meeting, our first anniversary celebration (feel free to bring pink – or green – champagne, too!).

David Pais of Pais Realty has generously offered to supply organic beer for the party – THANK YOU, DAVID!

We’ve been invited to Indigo, where co-proprietor Michael Amish will tell us about techniques for rainwater harvesting:

INDIGO opened its doors two-and-a-half years ago in the summer of 2007 to bring to North Central Florida the growing abundance of green building information and materials now available.  Beyond the material research to find which products would be both practical and marketable in our region, INDIGO holds all of its materials to scrutiny that they are truly sustainable products.

“I will be talking about some of the efforts that we have made around here concerning rainwater harvesting.  Since our inception, we have been holding workshops on 55-gallon rainbarrel making using galvanized steel and brass fittings and food-grade pickle-barrels as well as selling completed kits.  We have also installed a 1600-gallon cistern with a solar panel charger which waters all of our landscaping.  Although we have not endeavored to create systems which would collect rainwater for potable water use, we can discuss some of the ways that this has been achieved. (Get your rain barrel Nov. 21!)

“We will also be raffling-off a beautiful custom-made concrete sink created by Casting Impressions of Ocala, so bring your business cards!

Terranova Catering will provide an optional dinner ($7) and drinks:

“Watermelon skewers on 3″ bamboo with fresh orange and mint garnish
Avocado, Fresh Corn, Black Beans, Sweet Cherry Tomatoes and Scallions tossed with a Lime Vinaigrette and cracked pepper
Tabbouleh Salad: Traditional Cracked Wheat Salad with Fresh Cucumber, Tomato and Mint”

Come enjoy the evening with us, bring your cups, name tags, ideas, cards and friends! Pass the word….

Trish Riley


Got Something Green Going On? Bring your info to our next Green Drinks meeting to share with like-minded neighbors so we can support one another and find ways to work together to create a sustainable community.

Green Drinks Gainesville will meet at Satchel’s Pizza, 1800 NE 23rd Ave., 6-8-> p.m., Wednesday, Oct. 7. We’ll convene in the lounge – the screened room in back. Wednesday is New Song Night in the lounge at Satchel’s, so if you’re a musician, you might like to bring along your instrument and entertain us a bit. Check here for more info:

Satchel Raye will take the stage during a musical intermission at 7 p.m. to share his experiences running a sustainable business and why he feels it’s the best way to operate. Afterward, the music will resume. Those of us who wish to network can migrate to the picnic tables and tree house areas outside, where, at about 7:45, Melissa DeSa of Florida Organic Growers, David Reed, who’s working to develop a virtual food distribution system for local farm products, will share information about the exciting work underway to develop a strong local food network in our community. Ed Brown will share research he’s done on the potential impact that increasing our local food consumption could have on our local economy: it’s huge.

Remember – If you’ve been to Green Drinks before, you’re an ambassador! Please help introduce newcomers to help us all learn about one another’s green interests and activities so we can help each other grow our green community.

*Bring Your Own NAMETAG*

Hope to see you there!

Greetings, Gainesville Greenies!

Those of you who are concerned about the Koppers Superfund Site (who isn’t????) may wish to attend the joint City/County meeting on Thursday, Oct. 29, 5 p.m., to review the U.S. EPA Feasibility Study, which suggests somewhat minimal remediation…


Didn’t we have a great time at Satchel’s a few weeks ago? Thanks so much to everyone for coming out, and thank you, Satchel, Neil, and all of the musicians who let us share your stage to talk about our green interests. It was particularly nice of Satchel to take time to share his experiences and philosophy as a green business owner. Kudos to Satchel for making the decisions to choose the best options for his customers and employees even when he might have been able to make more money following traditional business practices.

Green Drinks Gainesville is coming up again Nov. 4, and this month we’re been invited to visit Haile Plantation by several Green Drink regulars who work and live in the area. Mary Alford and Jennifer Langdon, principals of the Sustainable Design Group and both USGBC LEED certified professionals, will tell us how Haile meets the standards of a New Urbanism community. Carla Van Arnam, who owns Haile Village Bodywork in the village, will lead walking tours of the mixed-use Haile Village Center. We’ll meet at Sisters’ Restaurant, where owners Monica Albert and Lita Giampola will offer a grilled flatbread special with locally sourced organic toppings, as well as a special price on organic wines by the glass.

The meeting will begin at 6 p.m. for networking, then we’ll hear from our hosts while we dine, with walking tours afterward.

Since Haile Plantation is a bit out of our downtown range, I hope we can arrange to share rides with one another. Please check in with your friends or visit the GoGreenNation Forum to connect with others who’d like carpool. I’ve got room for three!

We’ll meet at:

Sisters Restaurant

5212 SW 91st Ter
Gainesville, FL 32608-8129
(352) 379-0281

The restaurant is marked as “B” on this map:

The Haile Village Center is an internationally recognized New Urbanist community. The concept behind this design philosophy is to create a high density, mixed-use neighborhood that provides the diversity of housing types and commercial and neighborhood services that can nurture a long-lasting community. Architect and New Urbanist, Jennifer Langford, will discuss the planning concepts of New Urbanism and how they impact land use and conservation, energy efficiency and sustainability.


Happy Halloween,

Trish Riley


Cheers! See you at Satchel’s Oct. 7!

Where Can I find an an Eco-Mate?

On the green singles front, you have plenty of options. Use living in Chicago to your advantage and attend a Green Drinks meet-up if you haven’t already. These informal global events in over 542 cities are ripe with green singles and plenty of interesting folks in committed relationships. You don’t have to drink, obviously, but a little social lubrication never hurt anyone. And if you no one catches your eye at Green Drinks, at the very least you’ve networked, socialized and had a nice night out. And don’t worry, the Green Drinks folks won’t audit you at the door. Go as you are.

via Where can I find an eco-mate? | MNN – Mother Nature Network.

Food Inc movie_poster-medFOOD, Inc. will be featured at the Hippodrome State Theatre, September 25th – October 1st

Green Drinks and will co-host the opening night reception with the Hippodrome, 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. Sept. 25

PRINT THIS PAGE for a discount ticket of $1 off the beverage of your choice at The Hippodrome bar, (valid Sept. 25, 2009 only).

Hippodrome State Theatre

25 SE 2nd pl
Gainesville, FL 32601
(352) 375-4477

GoGreenNation ~ Green Drinks Social Hour ~ Sept 2, 6-8pm


Friends of Wild Iris and Go Green Nation are co-hosting
the September 2, 2009 Green Drinks Social Hour!ARE YOU…

~ Interested in going green and need some tips?

~ On your way to sustainability but always interested in finding more support?

~ A small business owner wanting to reduce your waste and environmental impact?

If you answered yes to any of the above…Green Drinks is for you! is a sustainable business designed to help promote the growth of green businesses and green communities and was founded by Trish Riley the award winning investigative reporter who wrote:

Green Drinks Social Hour provides environmental news, resources and a community where we people can share ideas and support one other’s progress toward shaping a healthier planet with a green economy and more sustainable lifestyles. Join the group at the open social hour with a guest “green” speaker.

Wild Iris Books is North Central Florida’s largest and most comprehensive book and gift store meeting all your Metaphysical and Spiritual needs! Within the store is the Wild Words Cafe serving organic tea, coffee, wine and beer as well as a variety of eclectic food offerings!

As a special treat Wild Iris Books will have our very own Tia Ma on hand to give free five minute Tarot readings…it’s like speed dating for your soul!

Green Drinks Social Hour will be on September 2, 2009 from 6-8pm
at Wild Iris (8th & University)

Come to Wild Iris Books and Go Green!


Our First Meeting!!!!>>>>>

Green Drinks International is a group founded in London in 1989 when like-minded environmentalists pulled their tables together to talk at a local pub. Today there are 402 cities participating worldwide, with more adding each month. Go Green Alternatives will be hosting Green Drinks Gainesville at The New Deal Café, 3445 West University Avenue in Gainesville, 5 – 7 p.m., Thursday, December 4.Gainesville Green Drinks will provide a meeting place for those interested in or involved with environmental issues to learn about one another’s programs and how they might work together. Come share news about your green project, or something like you’d like to see here in the Greater Gainesville area. The meeting is open to anyone interested in environmental issues – bring your friends! We’ll continue to meet the first Thursday of each month at The New Deal Café, 5 – 7 p.m. The New Deal Café is Gainesville’s signature sustainable restaurant, committed to buying only local, organic produce and fresh Florida fish and meat. Organic wines, beer, coffee and tea are also available.

Hope to meet you there!

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