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7 natural wonders that humans could destroy within a generation


If you’ve dreamt of seeing the Amazon rainforest with your own eyes, you better start planning that trip soon.
Many of the world’s most spectacular natural wonders are disappearing with devastating speed. Entire ecosystems, habitats and species that have existed for many thousands and in some cases millions of years could disappear in a little as [...]

U.S. And India Announce ‘Cooperation’ On Climate Change


President Obama and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced on Sunday that the two countries will work together to fight global climate change, laying out a set of goals that the two countries hope “will expand policy dialogues and technical work on clean energy and low greenhouse gas emissions technologies.”
While not a concrete emissions reductions [...]

Energy Department Announces $55 Million In Grants For Fuel-Efficient Car Research


The future of fuel-efficient cars looks a little brighter after a round of grants announced this week by the Department of Energy.
Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz announced Thursday that the Department of Energy will be providing $55 million to universities, research laboratories, and companies to find new ways for vehicles — both plug-in electric and [...]

Millions of GMO insects could be released in Florida Keys

Brittany Mariscal

Millions of genetically modified mosquitoes could be released in the Florida Keys if British researchers win approval to use the bugs against two extremely painful viral diseases.
Never before have insects with modified DNA come so close to being set loose in a residential U.S. neighborhood.
“This is essentially using a mosquito as a drug to cure [...]

Lawns Gone Wild


Because environmental challenges are so complicated, potential solutions are rarely as simple as they seem.
For example, the market for electric vehicles EVs is growing rapidly, outpacing hybrids, although the supply is nowhere near the million EVs President Obama called for in his 2011 State of the Union Address which might be why he didn’t mention [...]

Huge New Area Soon To Open For Offshore Wind Power In New England


On January 29, the Department of Interior (DOI) will auction off the largest area of federal waters in the nation for the development of offshore wind power. More than 742,000 acres, or over 1,160 square miles, will be offered for wind development off the coast of Massachusetts. While the U.S. is yet to install its [...]

USDA’s Meat Animal Research Center: An American Horror Story


This week, The New York Times published a comprehensive investigation into deplorable animal treatment at the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Meat Animal Research Center (USMARC), a sprawling complex of laboratories in Nebraska with the overarching mission to help meat producers make more money.
There, according to the Times’ exposé, newborn piglets are accidentally crushed to death [...]

Elizabeth Warren Proposes Big Pharma ‘Swear Jar’ To Fund Medical Research

Warren Praises MLK Legacy At Roxbury Church

In an effort to fund scientific research in the era of divided government, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) is seeking to force lawbreaking pharmaceutical companies to carry a heavier burden.
Warren will introduce the Medical Innovation Act on Thursday in remarks at a conference hosted by the pro-health care reform group Families USA. Her bill would create [...]

Senate Votes 98-1 That ‘Climate Change Is Real And Not A Hoax’


The U.S. Senate on Wednesday voted 98-1 to approve a resolution stating that “it is the sense of the Senate that climate change is real and not a hoax.” Then, about 15 minutes later, the Senate rejected a second resolution that said climate change is real and caused by humans.
The first resolution was approved — [...]

The world pays too high a price for cheap meat


Not long ago, a meal centred on meat was a rare treat. No longer. Most of us in the West now eat meat every day; many consume it at every meal. And people in less carnivorous cultures are getting a taste for it, too: in China it has become aspirational. Worldwide meat production has surged [...]

Caroline Anstey: ‘Millennials Are Making It Clear They Want To Invest Alongside Their Values’

Caroline Anstey, Global Head of UBS and Society, said it’s promising that younger people are wanting to invest in issues they care about as they grow, rather than waiting until old age to decide on what their legacy might be.
“The millennials are making it clear they want to invest alongside their values,” Anstey told HuffPost [...]

City Scrambles After Traces Of Oil Found In Water Supply Following Yellowstone River Pipeline Spill

Adrian Vargas, Santiago Medina, Rodrigo Salas

A second large oil spill into Montana’s Yellowstone River in less than four years is reviving questions about oversight of the nation’s aging pipeline network.
Investigators and company officials on Wednesday were trying to determine the cause of the 40,000-gallon spill that contaminated downstream water supplies in the city of Glendive.
Sen. Jon Tester said Saturday’s spill [...]

North Dakota Pipeline Leaked 3 Million Gallons Of Brine In Oil Drilling

Cleanup is underway after nearly 3 million gallons of brine, a salty, toxic byproduct of oil and natural gas production, leaked from a pipeline in western North Dakota, the largest spill of its kind in the state since the current energy boom began.
The full environmental impact of the spill, which contaminated two creeks, might not [...]

California’s Big Trees Disappearing In Face Of Climate And Water Challenges


A group of California scientists published a study this week comparing forest surveys from the 1920s and ’30s to recent U.S. Forest Service data. What they found was not encouraging for the future of the state’s renowned large trees. Published on Tuesday in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the study found [...]

Environmentalists Reject Obama’s Call For Expanded Trade Powers

Barack Obama

Nearly 50 environmentalist organizations sent a letter Wednesday to every member of Congress, urging them to oppose granting President Barack Obama “fast-track” authority to pass new free trade deals.
The letter, signed by the Sierra Club, the National Resources Defense Council, Earthjustice and dozens of other groups, comes the morning after Obama pressed for that power [...]

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