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Seed and Plant Swap

Bring seeds to share that you have in excess whether self-saved or purchased, to share and swap with others. Ideally we are SWAPPING, so it’s great if you can stay and hang out awhile. But you may also drop off seed, or just stop by and check it out. You don’t have to donate seed [...]

Pacific islanders on canoes blockade Australia coal export terminal


Environmental activists teamed up with Pacific islanders in eastern Australia on Friday in an attempt to block the world’s largest coal export terminal by forming a blockade of canoes, surfboards and kayaks.
The burning of coal and other fossil fuels has contributed to climate change, they said, which causes sea level rise. That, environmentalists added, poses [...]

Whole Foods Launches Radical New Food Labeling Plan


If an avocado is labeled “better” and an apple is labeled “best,” are you going to change your evening guacamole making plans? This is an issue Whole Foods shoppers will soon have to consider. The seemingly socially conscious supermarket chain announced today that it will begin ranking its produce either good, better,or best, based on [...]

250 Years of Campaigns, Cash and Corruption


The history of money in American politics is one of shady characters and a dramatic battle between the forces of reform and influence that goes back more than 250 years before the birth of the super PAC. Check out this timeline for its juiciest events and milestones.
via 250 Years of Campaigns, Cash and Corruption | [...]

I Worked in a Strip Club in a North Dakota Fracking Boomtown


At 9 p.m. on that August night, when I arrived for my first shift as a cocktail waitress at Whispers, one of the two strip clubs in downtown Williston, I didn’t expect a 25-year-old man to get beaten to death outside the joint. Then again, I didn’t really expect most of the things I encountered [...]

Why Is Chevron Trying to Buy the Government of This Northern California City?


In August 2012, a rusted pipe inside a massive Chevron refinery in Richmond, California caused an explosion and fire that spewed toxic chemicals into the air, sending 15,000 people to the hospital for treatment.
Since then, the city of Richmond has been eager to impose new safety regulations on Chevron. A year after the fire, it [...]

“Hurt That B****”: What Undercover Investigators Saw Inside a Factory Farm


On September 15, 2008, Lynn Becker got the phone call every hog farmer fears.
For months on end, pork producers across the Midwest had been struggling against record-low prices per head, but Becker had taken steps to protect his family’s farm against contractions of the market. He had signed a producer agreement with Hormel Foods, maybe [...]

Bird Camp for Kids


Join us at Tuscawilla Preserve for another “Bird Camp for Kids” led by Alachua Audubon Society. This workshop is an introductory birdwatching course for children of all ages. It will feature: Bird Detective, Binocular Basics, Listening to Birds, and Introduction to Field Guides.


This is a fun activity for kids where they will learn many ways [...]

The Planet Just Had Its Hottest September On Record


Last month was the warmest September globally since records began being kept in 1880, NASA reported Sunday. January through September data have 2014 already at the third warmest on record. Projections by NOAA make clear 2014 is taking aim at hottest year on record.
Remarkably, this September record occurred even though we’re still waiting for the [...]

Fracking hurts California’s water


From Mother Jones:
Pumpjacks extract oil from an oilfield in Kern County, in California’s ag-heavy Central Valley. Christopher Halloran /Shutterstock
I have a great idea. Let’s take one of the globe’s most important agricultural regions, one with severe water constraints and a fast-dropping water table. And let’s set up shop there with a highly water-intensive form [...]

Climate Change and Capitalism

Bill Moyers interviews Naomi Klein on her new book This Changes Everything:
Naomi Klein, author of the international bestseller The Shock Doctrine, says the tragic destruction of Hurricane Sandy can also be the catalyst for the transformation of politics and our economy. She’s been in New York visiting the devastated areas — including those where “Occupy [...]

Help The Repurpose Project Move To Its New Location


We are MOVING & need HELP!
If you really love us, now is the time to show it!
Our new location is amazing!  It is a much larger building with a huge yard! The place has so much potential!   The thing is, we need to be totally moved over there and out of our 519 S. Main [...]

How Tesla and New Car Technologies Could Send Auto Dealers the Way of the Dodo Bird


Consumers hate the new-car buying experience.They hate the haggling and the cheesy sales tactics, and they hate leaving feeling ripped off, even if they drove off with a good deal. Car salespeople are the least trusted professionals in the nation, even beating out members of Congress for the dubious title.
But for 80 years, that’s been [...]

‘Citizenfour’ Trailer Released Ahead Of Laura Poitras’ Edward Snowden Film


When National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden reached out to Laura Poitras in January 2013, the documentary filmmaker knew just what to do: Make a documentary.
She had recently won a MacArthur “Genius Grant” in 2012 and was already several years into making a film about surveillance in the post-9/11 era when Snowden contacted her under [...]

Matheson Museum’s Fall Festival

We would like to invite the public to join the Matheson Museum’s Fall Festival on Sunday, October 26, 2014 from 1-4 pm.  This event offers you a chance to experience fall celebrations from around the world, enjoy autumn traditions, and fall in love with history with tours of the Matheson Museum Complex.  Learn how fall [...]