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The Eiffel Tower Just Became A Little More Green. Here Are 8 Other Landmarks That Did It First


Two wind turbines have been successfully installed on the Eiffel Tower to offset some of the structure’s energy use, renewable energy company UGE and the public service authority in charge of the iconic landmark announced this week.
The two turbines, which were placed 400 feet above ground level, are expected to produce 10,000 kWh annually. This [...]

The moral side of environmental issues

Robb Willer, a sociologist, examines how liberals and conservatives communicate regarding the environment in the NY Times:
PALO ALTO, Calif. — ACCORDING to a recent poll, a large majority of Americans, and roughly half of Republicans, say they support governmental action to address global warming. The poll, conducted by The New York Times, Stanford and the [...]

Wyoming Legislature Votes To Allow Science-Based Climate Education In State Schools


Science standards that treat climate change as fact are no longer banned in Wyoming, now that a bill reversing the state’s ban has been passed by the House and Senate.
Last March, Wyoming became the first state to reject the Next Generation Science Standards NGSS, which were developed by 26 states and multiple science and education [...]

Arizona’s New Solar Charge Is ‘Unsupportable By Any Economic Analysis,’ SolarCity Says


Starting in April, solar users across Arizona will be subject to an additional rate charge of about $50 per month. This new “demand charge” will be based on a solar users’ peak power demand during the month and will be levied regardless of how much electricity is offset by their residential solar units.
The Salt River [...]

Heat-tolerant algae could rescue coral reefs


A new species of algae discovered in the Persian Gulf may help declining coral populations survive as climate change warms ocean temperatures and threatens reefs with often-fatal bleaching, according to a new report.
Researchers from the University of Southampton and New York University Abu Dhabi identified the algae while studying the world’s warmest coral reef habitat, [...]

How One Community Is Kicking The Koch Brothers’ Harmful Black Dust Out Of Their Neighborhood

Petroleum Coke Quinn

It’s not easy to take on a wealthy, multi-national corporation and win. Especially for residents of Chicago’s struggling southeast side.
But that’s exactly what’s happening on the banks of the Calumet River, where the steel plants that used to give residents of a mostly Hispanic neighborhood access to a middle-class lifestyle were replaced, nearly two years [...]

Food Waste Is Costing Countries Billions Every Year And Contributing To Climate Change


Food waste is costing the global economy billions each year, and governments should act quickly to reduce it if they want to save money and scale back their carbon emissions, according to a new report.
The report, published this week by the U.K.-based Waste & Resources Action Program (WRAP), found that if countries made a point [...]

Google Wants To Help You Buy Solar Panels For Your House. Seriously.


If you to want to install solar panels on your roof but haven’t yet because it’s too expensive, Google really wants to help.
The search giant, valued at $370 billion, is once again boosting its investment in SolarCity’s residential solar power model by $300 million, both companies announced Thursday. Combined with a new financing structure from [...]

Shell Withdraws From Largest Tar Sands Project Yet


Keystone XL is not the only deciding factor in the future of tar sands extraction.
The outsized debate over the Keystone XL pipeline, which entered a new era yesterday after Obama wielded his veto pen against legislation approving its construction, is not the only element in the debate over whether the greenhouse gas-intensive tar sands get [...]

Jordan’s 6,000 Mosques Will Soon All Have Rooftop Solar


Unlike many of its Middle Eastern neighbors, Jordan is not blessed with copious oil and gas resources. In an already fragile region, subject to the whims of the international oil market and regional unrest, Jordan relies on fossil fuel imports to meet around 95 percent of its energy demand. Not only is this geopolitically ill-advised, [...]

Celebrating Black Leadership on the Environment

Black History Month calls for a celebration of the visionary environmental leadership of black individuals and communities, as well as an examination of the many environmental injustices faced by people of color in our country. Whether we acknowledge it or not, the extreme weather events of last year and early 2015 do not visit economic, [...]

Chinese Plans to Transform Coal Would Worsen Global Warming


At about 8:30 on a chilly winter morning, a factory outside this desert city is already getting busy.
Its five-story office building is almost fully occupied. Trucks drive in with coal and drive out with construction waste. And if you look closely, you can see workers wearing helmets, climbing up and down on giant pipes. In [...]

California struggles with water issues

The Sacramento Bee’s editorial asks the questions we all must confront. There isn’t as much water as there used to be.
In what passes for winter, the sun burned away the February fog and the thermometer reached 70 in Sacramento.
“Another tragically beautiful day,” Mark Cowin, the Department of Water Resources director, said at a hearing last [...]

California’s bag ban under attack

The Sacramento Bee advises local communities to ban bags, since the industry has taken aim at the state law. The county I live in, San Luis Obispo, has had a bag ban for more than a year.
It was not surprising that out-of-state plastic-bag makers succeeded in temporarily scuttling a statewide ban on single-use grocery bags [...]

Consumers shift food buys

I’ve been waiting for the ag system to collapse under its own weight and bad practices. Sounds like the food industry may go first. Here’s Tom Philpott in Mother Jones:
Not long ago, the great processed-food companies like Kraft and Kellogg’s towered over the US food landscape like the high hat that adorned the head of [...]