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Apple Makes New Commitment To Fight Climate Change, But Has A Long Way To Go

Apple on Monday released its 2015 Environmental Responsibility Report, underscoring its commitment to lessening the environmental impact of its products and operations. “We don’t want to debate climate change. We want to stop it,” the company stated in the report.
But Apple still has a long way to go when it comes to reducing its greenhouse gas [...]

Study finds high incidence of respiratory problems in oil spill cleanup workers


Thousands of people who were hired to help clean up after the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill are experiencing problems with their respiratory systems that may be tied to their exposure to the oil, according to an ongoing government study of the spill’s health impacts.
The incidence of wheezing and coughing among cleanup workers that BP [...]

Future Food 2050

A series of articles on various aspects of the relationship between food and agriculture on Future Food 2050:
Walmart targets climate-smart suppliers
The world’s largest grocer is exerting its influence on food companies to reduce their environmental impacts, says Walmart sustainability executive Kathleen McLaughlin. Kathleen McLaughlin When an Iowa corn and soy farmer named Tim Richter took [...]

Fracking and earthquakes in Oklahoma

Sarah Terry-Cobo covers energy, health care and other topics for The Journal Record. You can reach her at
Here’s her story about Oklahoma’s recent earthquakes:
NORMAN – Oil and gas wastewater disposal wells are very likely triggering the majority of earthquakes in northern and central Oklahoma, said Austin Holland, state seismologist.
However, due to the large number [...]

Electric Police Cars? Seattle Uses Nissan Leafs For Traffic Enforcement


They may not have the most intimidating presence, but electric cars can play an important role in law enforcement.
Police vehicles spend a lot of time idling or negotiating traffic, particularly in urban areas.
With adequate charging infrastructure, electric cars can be perfectly suited to certain tasks, while radically reducing the emissions of a city’s fleet.
via Electric [...]

Here’s What a Hillary Clinton Presidency Would Mean for Global Warming


It’s strange to remember how bitterly divisive the 2008 Democratic presidential primary battle was. Hillary Clinton’s and Barack Obama’s platforms and ideological positioning were awfully similar. And on the chief difference between them — Obama’s less hawkish foreign policy — the victor wiped away that distinction by appointing Clinton as secretary of state. Now Clinton [...]

Here’s How to Avoid Losing Half of Earth’s Species


The creeping, crawling, flying, growing, flowering life on this Earth is going extinct at least 1,000 times more rapidly than if humans were absent from the scene. Some call this the sixth mass extinction.
The causes of the crisis are many: climate change, ocean acidification (it has triggered extinction before), habitat loss, deforestation, invasive species and [...]

Cinema Verde Brings Environmental Awareness to Local School

Bishop Middle School

On Friday, April 17th, students at Gainesville’s Bishop Middle School had the opportunity to participate  in a day of watching environmental films to promote awareness and excitement for the quickly  approaching Earth Day.
Throughout the day, 7th grade science teacher Steven Doherty had an open  door policy and invited students to come watch some [...]

Recently Spotted 103-Year-Old Orca Is Bad News For SeaWorld

SeaWorld could be in trouble because of “Granny,” the world’s oldest known living orca. The 103-year-old whale (also known as J2) was recently spotted off Canada’s western coast with her pod — her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. But while the Granny sighting is thrilling for us, it’s problematic for SeaWorld.
First of all, SeaWorld has claimed [...]

Women in the world: Where the U.S. falters

If you imagine countries where women and girls have it worst, the United States probably doesn’t come to mind.
Here, women can drive; they don’t need male guardians to travel, work or receive health care. Girls can pursue an education without fear of being attacked or abducted for wanting to learn. They are rarely forced into [...]

5 Years After: Deepwater Horizon’s Lessons Go Unlearned

Deepwater Horizon

Remember that helpless, infuriating feeling watching gallon after gallon of oil spew into the Gulf of Mexico in the spring and summer of 2010?
After Deepwater Horizon – the worst oil spill disaster in U.S. history – came the mantra: Never again.
But now, as we mark the fifth anniversary of BP’s Deepwater Horizon disaster – which [...]

The Disturbing Truth Behind Your Swim With The Dolphins


Throngs of Americans are heading south to the Caribbean right now, for the balmy sunshine, intoxicating evening breeze, turquoise waters … and the opportunity to swim with dolphins. But despite their popularity, swim-with-the-dolphin programs have a dark underbelly, and those on the inside are starting to speak out against them.
via The Disturbing Truth Behind Your [...]

Gas-Line Blast Closes Major Highway, Injures Dozens

A large gas pipeline exploded into a tower of fire Friday in Central California, closing both directions of a major highway in the region and injuring at least 11 people, three of them critically, authorities said.
It was not clear what caused the explosion at the Fresno County Sheriff’s gun range that brought traffic in the [...]

How The World Bank Broke Its Promise to Protect the Poor

Beneath a gloomy white sky, more than 100 armed police poured into the slum of Badia East in the teeming megacity of Lagos, Nigeria.
As they advanced, they cracked their batons on the unpaved streets and against the ramshackle walls of the shanties.
“If you love your life, move out!” the officers shouted.
Thousands of people grabbed what [...]

Climate Change Denial Disorder afflicts many

Funny or Die’s take on this modern problem.

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