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EPA revokes toxic herbicide approval

The NYTimes reports:
The Environmental Protection Agency, in a surprising move, has decided to revoke the approval of a herbicide that was made to be used on a new generation of genetically modified crops.
The agency’s decision could delay the introduction of corn, soybeans and cotton developed by Dow Chemical to be resistant to the herbicide 2,4-D. [...]

Here’s how Keystone XL got denied

Grist posted the history:
Everyone is talking about President Obama’s decision to reject the Keystone XL pipeline proposal, but he’s not actually the hero of the story. The Keystone decision is the culmination of a startlingly successful grassroots activist campaign that defied the odds and convinced the Obama administration to change course against building a major [...]

Americans support reduced GHG

Yale Project on Climate Change Communication

Mother Jones posted this chart

Two weeks ago, President Barack Obama’s signature climate action plan was formally published. The new regulations will require many states to reduce their use of coal, the dirtiest form of energy, in an effort to slash greenhouse gas emissions from the power sector by about a [...]

NIH Retires The Last Of Its Research Chimps : The Two-Way : NPR

In this Aug. 2014 photo, a chimp sits in a tree at Chimp Haven sanctuary in Keithville, La.
Brandon Wade/AP Images for The Humane Society of the United States and Chimp

In this Aug. 2014 photo, a chimp sits in a tree at Chimp Haven sanctuary in Keithville, La.Brandon Wade/AP Images for The Humane Society of the United States and Chimp
After retiring hundreds of research chimpanzees in 2013, the NIH says 50 remaining chimps will no longer be used for medical studies.
The 50 chimpanzees were kept [...]

Products Used To Clean Up Gulf Oil Spill May Have Made Things Worse, Study Finds

In the wake of the 2010 BP oil spill, cleanup crews dumped some 1.8 million gallons of chemical dispersants into the Gulf of Mexico.
The substances were supposed to assist natural oil-eating bacteria in cleaning up the largest marine oil spill in history by breaking the oil into droplets the microbes could more easily consume.
But the approach backfired, [...]

Leonid Meteor Shower 2015: How To Watch This Year’s Show

Keep an eye on the night sky this week if  you want to witness the spectacular Leonid meteor shower.
The space debris is expected to crash into the Earth’s atmosphere dozens of times every hour when the phenomenon peaks in the early hours of Tuesday and Wednesday morning.
Skywatching experts say that the best time to see [...]

Poachers Are Hunting Down the World’s Last Wild Sumatran Rhinos | TakePart

Poachers Are Hunting Down the World’s Last Wild Sumatran Rhinos
The arrival in Indonesia of a rhino named Harapan from an American zoo could offer hope for the species.
Is there any hope for the Sumatran rhino?
Only about 100 of these small, hairy rhinos remain on the planet, and the few that exist in the wild are [...]

Jon Stewart: ‘It’s Harder To Eat Meat When You Know The Animal’s Name’

“It’s harder to eat meat when you know the animal’s name,” Jon Stewart, who recently adopted his own pigs, confessed on “The Daily Show” Monday night.”They’re not different than cats and dogs, in terms of their desire to be friends with us,” interviewee Gene Baur, co-founder of Farm Sanctuary, added. His sanctuaries take rescue animals [...]

Join Cinema Verde in supporting Forage’s Florida Moths and Other Creatures of the Night

Come on out to Forage Farm TONIGHT (Nov. 13th, 2015) for some outdoor, nighttime fun! Join Forage and the Florida Museum of Natural History for an evening under the stars as we “black light” for moths and catch them for the museum’s collection, learn about moths and butterflies, enjoy fun games, and much more! The Florida [...]

Strangest Weather on Earth: Only Rainbow River in the World! – YouTube

Check out this video of the beautiful Rainbow River in Colombia!
via Strangest Weather on Earth: Only Rainbow River in the World! – YouTube.

Undercover Video Appears To Show Pigs Conscious, Shaking In Pain As They Face Slaughterhouse Death

Undercover video recorded by an animal rights activist at one of the largest U.S. pork producers appears to show pigs being beaten and dragged across the slaughterhouse floor as workers cheer and throw blood-soaked towels at one another.
An edited version of the video, posted to YouTube on Wednesday, shows pigs covered in feces and riddled [...]

Gator Glob – The Local Digest: Defining a precious resource

See if you can guess what ingredient this is: It is essential to every meal we eat as well as every step in creating a meal: farming, food prep, cooking, and clean up.
Have you guessed water? Water also has a magical power expressed in an analogy illustrating how a single person can affect the world: [...]

Scientists Are Breeding ‘Super Corals’ To Save Reefs From Global Warming

For thousands of years, human beings have been helping evolution along by tinkering with the breeding habits of plants and animals.
Now, as one of our favorite underwater features faces serious threats from warming oceans, acidification, pollution and overfishing, scientists are rallying to breed a better future for coral reefs.
Using selective breeding, researchers at the University of Hawaii [...]

Peabody Energy Resolves N.Y. Probe Into Climate Disclosures – Bloomberg Business

Coal producer Peabody Energy Corp. reached an agreement with the New York attorney general to provide fuller disclosures to investors about the financial risks it faces from regulations to fight climate change.
The largest U.S. coal-miner reached the accord with New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman on Sunday, according to a copy of the agreement. Schneiderman [...]

Former City Commissioner Lauren Poe running for mayor |

A neighborhood fundraiser will be held for Lauren Poe on Friday, Nov. 13, 2015, from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. at 913 NW 36th Terrace, Gainesville, Fla.  Poe is running for mayor in 2016.



Former Gainesville City Commissioner Lauren Poe, who recently left office after declining to run for re-election this spring, announced Wednesday that he [...]