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The GOP’s Mexico Derangement

America’s neighbor isn’t a failed state or a threat—despite what Donald Trump says.

Oil Train Derails, Spilling Crude In Columbia River Gorge

Finally, Some Good News About The Future Of Bees

The solution for declining bee populations may be in the wild.

Florida considering weakening restrictions on discharging chemicals in water

The state of Florida wants to weaken its restrictions on roughly two dozen cancer-causing chemicals that can be discharged into its rivers, lakes, streams and coastal waters.
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Florida’s mass fish kill is a nightmare to behold | MNN – Mother Nature Network

Words cannot describe the immense loss of life unfolding along a 50-mile stretch of Florida’s Indian River Lagoon.
More than 30 species of fish, estimated in the hundreds of thousands, have started floating to the surface and washing up along shores. In some places, the normally idyllic waterways are being replaced with thousands of rotting fish.
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DEP defends water pollution standards

The Department of Environmental Protection is defending its proposed new pollution limits for Florida surface waters, saying they aren’t weaker than current standards and won’t decrease the protection they provide people.
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These Maps Make A Pretty Powerful Argument For Fighting Climate Change

Rising sea levels could leave neighborhoods all over New York City underwater.

Carl Hiaasen: Florida Gov. Scott clueless in lake crisis

By Carl Hiaasen
As a devastating deluge of polluted water darkens two coasts of Florida and threatens their tourist economies, Gov. Rick Scott is once again a flaky phantom.
via Carl Hiaasen: Florida Gov. Scott clueless in lake crisis.

Climate Action for Growth and Competitiveness

“It’s five months since the world’s leaders adopted the historic Paris Agreement on climate change. In doing so they sent a powerful signal that the world wants to stay below 2 degrees warming and is on a path to decarbonise our economies.”

Meet the Filmmaker July 6!!!!

Green Drinks Meets Cinema Verde

Hello, Friends
Happy Summer! At our May meeting many members said they’d be traveling over the summer, so we agreed to pause with our monthly screenings for a few months, so we have NOT planned a Green Drinks meeting for June… then along came a film we just can’t pass up, so: […]

Beavers add water to dry landscape

Alastair Bland writes for Water Deeply:
On California’s central coast, a region that usually receives drenching rainfall or fog for most of the year, some forests are now as arid as a desert. Streams that once ran at least at a trickle through summer have vanished in the ongoing drought, and environmentalists and fishermen fear that […]

Monsanto profits from chemical agriculture

Janine Jackson interview Patty Lovera of Food and Water Watch on Monsanto:
Monsanto at this point has become synonymous, not just with GMOs, but I think also with a type of agriculture, and it’s a type of agriculture that’s really counter to the way a lot of people want to farm around the world, and are […]

Plant gene: another view

Pamela Ronald , Professor of Plant Pathology, University of California, Davis, writes in The Conversation:
New molecular tools are blurring the distinction between genetic improvements made with conventional breeding and those made with modern genetic methods. One example is marker assisted breeding, in which geneticists identify genes or chromosomal regions associated with traits desired by farmers […]

5 iconic places you need to visit before climate change ruins them.

A new report from the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has highlighted 31 World Heritage Sites at risk of being seriously damaged by our changing climate.

More Than A Third Of The Coral Is Dead In Parts Of The Great Barrier Reef

Huge portions of the structure have been damaged by the area’s biggest bleaching event ever.