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Costa Rica Becomes First Latin American Country to Ban Hunting for Sport


Costa Rica just became the first country in Latin America to ban hunting for sport. Costa Rica’s Congress voted unanimously on Monday to approve the ban, which will protect the country’s wildlife – including several species of native big cats. Any hunters caught breaking the new law will face jail time or hefty fines.

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A Green Neighborhood Watch Targets Polluters in Low-Income Communities


A high-tech program that lets residents of low-income communities in California upload photos, videos, and other information catching polluters in the act should be expanded across the state, according to a new report.
IVAN (Identifying Violations Affecting Neighborhoods) is an environmental neighborhood watch program bringing together local, state, and federal authorities with environmental justice advocates to [...]

ExxonMobil Is Still Spending Millions of Dollars on Climate Science Deniers


ExxonMobil spokesman Richard Keil told a carefully worded whopper last week.
After the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) revealed that Exxon was aware of the threat posed by climate change as early as 1981 and has intentionally been deceiving the public for decades, reporters contacted Keil for comment. One reporter asked him about ExxonMobil’s long history [...]

This Jail’s Urban Farming Project Benefits Inmates, Local Charities


The next time flowers are delivered to your door in Chicago, the bouquet just might be made up of blooms nurtured by an inmate at Cook County Jail.
Chicago-based startup Flowers for Dreams, last week, announced the start of a partnership with the jail’s urban farming initiative, which offers nonviolent inmates an opportunity to learn job [...]

The Forest Path to an Ambitious Climate Deal


Later this year, global leaders will make important decisions about some of the planet’s toughest challenges. If the world wants a climate deal and new development agenda that’s good for the economy, for the poor, and for businesses, the path forward needs to include forests.
In September, governments will set goals for eliminating extreme poverty by [...]

NOAA plans to vaccinate Monk Seals

John Platt reports for Motherboard:
Once hunted into near-extinction for their meat and fur in the 19th century, only a few hundred monk seals remained when they were finally protected under the Endangered Species Act in 1976. Intense conservation efforts increased that population to about 1,500 in the 1980s, but the seals still face a precarious [...]

Is India selling out tigers?

Sharon Guynup writes in the NY Times:
INDIA’S tigers are in danger. In the year since the election of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the government has laid siege to the country’s environmental laws, threatening to undo recent conservation successes that have increased tiger numbers. India is the planet’s last stronghold for tigers, home to almost three-quarters of [...]

Drought impacts forest

Christian Science Monitor reports on drought:
Even after drought conditions subside, trees may take years to resume normal growth, say scientists.

By Joseph Dussault, Staff writer July 30, 2015

Courtesy of Leander Anderegg
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Courtesy of Leander Anderegg
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It’s no surprise that droughts can severely weaken forests. But what happens when the drought ends?
Traditionally, climate models have operated under [...]

Insecticides poison all insects

McGill University research shows more effects of insecticides:
Insecticides that are sprayed in orchards and fields across North America may be more toxic to spiders than scientists previously believed.

A McGill research team reached this conclusion after looking at changes in the behaviour of individual Bronze Jumping Spiders both before and after exposure to Phosmet, a widely [...]

Santa Barbara turns to desalination

The LA Times reports:
Santa Barbara City Council members on Tuesday unanimously approved spending $55 million to reactivate a mothballed desalination plant that could provide the city with nearly a third of its drinking water.

Santa Barbara working to reactivate mothballed desalination plant

The Charles E. Meyer Desalination Facility was built during a drought in the 1990s but closed [...]

Costco turns away from antibiotic-treated salmon

Reuters reports:
Chile’s salmon farmers are using record levels of antibiotics to treat a virulent and pervasive bacteria, driving away some U.S. retailers including Costco Wholesale Corp, which is turning to antibiotic-free Norwegian salmon.
The coastal waters of Chile, the world’s second-largest producer of salmon, are awash with a bacteria known as SRS, or Piscirickettsiosis. The bacteria [...]

Screen Addiction Is Taking a Toll on Children –

Let’s face it:
Technology is a poor substitute for personal interaction.
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The President Proposes to Make Community College Free for Responsible Students for 2 Years | The White House

* Save a full-time community college student $3,800 in tuition per year on average
* Benefit roughly 9 million students each year
via The President Proposes to Make Community College Free for Responsible Students for 2 Years | The White House.

Costa Rica Becomes First Latin American Country to Ban Hunting for Sport | Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building

It’s really time for us to go to bat – hard – for animals, as Costa Rica has done:
And this:

State ignores science in bear and panther plans

By Jaclyn Lopez
With as few as 3,000 bears and 180 panthers vying with nearly 20 million humans for a share of Florida’s ever-shrinking land mass it would defy reason to blame the bears and panthers for any increase in conflicts.

It would be equally unreasonable to suggest hunting is the best way to reduce those conflicts: [...]