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High-tech Dutch trend of ‘city farming’ grows food faster without sunlight

dutch garden

VENLO, THE NETHERLANDS — In their beds, the salad greens enveloped by magenta hues from the lights above hardly seem appetizing. Surprisingly, the unblemished leaves taste pretty good when they come out from under the lamps.
via High-tech Dutch trend of 'city farming' grows food faster without sunlight |
Thanks to Dutchman Mark van Soestbergen for [...]

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall – The Virtual Wall (TM)


Thanks to Kathleen Pagan for sharing this site listing details of our Vietnam War casualties:

Richard Sidey | Expedition Photography from Richard Sidey on Vimeo

South Georgia

Thanks to Ria Van Soestbergen for sharing this beautiful video of our Earth!

Norway Will Divest From Coal


The Norwegian Parliament voted Friday to remove coal investments from the country’s $890 billion government pension fund, which is considered the largest sovereign wealth fund in the world.
Under the new policy, power and mining companies whose activities or revenue are at least 30 percent coal-related will be removed from the portfolio.
Norges Bank Investment Management, which [...]

This Is What It’s Like To Hang Onto the Anchor of a Shell Oil Ship For 63 Hours


As Royal Dutch Shell prepares for its summer Arctic drilling plans, environmentalists, indigenous communities, and concerned citizens alike are ramping up their efforts to stop it. Last month, ”kayaktivists”—that is, activists in kayaks—surrounded one of Shell’s oil drilling rigs while it temporarily docked in the Port of Seattle, and earlier this past week, a group of [...]

Thousands March In The Midwest’s Largest-Ever Anti-Tar Sands Rally


Thousands gathered in St. Paul, Minnesota Saturday afternoon to march in protest of the growing network of tar sands pipelines in America, singling out one pipeline — the Alberta Clipper — in particular.
Activists from across the Midwest were joined by environmental leaders such as co-founder Bill McKibben, Sierra Club President Aaron Mair, and Indigenous [...]

Edward Snowden: The World Says No to Surveillance


Two years ago today, three journalists and I worked nervously in a Hong Kong hotel room, waiting to see how the world would react to the revelation that the National Security Agency had been making records of nearly every phone call in the United States. In the days that followed, those journalists and others published [...]

The Tide Is Turning Against ALEC In The Renewable Energy Battle


Powerful interests are facing off on the future of renewable energy in North Carolina.
A bill to freeze the state’s renewable portfolio standard (RPS) — a mandate on how much clean energy utilities have to use — was shoved through committee last month, but despite a wide Republican majority (34-16), the bill hasn’t been brought to [...]

Bird Flu abates

As Bird Flu Crisis Slows Down Where It Began in Minnesota, Focus Turns to Recovery
Minnesota notched six straight days without a new case of bird flu on Thursday, and though state officials aren’t ready to say the outbreak is over, they’re beginning to stand down.
The first case of H5N2 in the Midwest was confirmed in [...]

Extreme Heat Wave In India Is Killing People And Melting Roads


As of Thursday, the death toll from India’s heat wave has risen to nearly 1,400. Meteorological officials expect the heat to last several more days. This post has been updated to reflect this change.
A blistering heat wave in India has killed nearly 1,400 people in the country in less than one week.
At least 1,020 people [...]

We’re Eating Less Meat—Yet Factory Farms Are Still Growing


The United States remains one of the globe’s most carnivorous nations, but things have changed subtly in recent decades. While our consumption of chicken has skyrocketed, we’re eating much less red meat.
Overall per capita meat consumption has fallen nearly 10 percent since the 2007-’8 financial meltdown; and as we cut back on quantity, we’re more [...]

In Texas, the Race to Build in Harm’s Way Outpaces Flood-Risk Studies and Warming Impacts


The holiday and the type of hazard have changed, but once again fast-growing Texas is seeing outsize (and tragic) impacts from extreme weather events.
On Labor Day weekend in 2011, the disaster was heat- and drought-fueled fires that whipped through the exurbs east of Austin, most of which didn’t exist just a few decades earlier.
Now, Houston [...]

Destroying What Remains


I lived in Anchorage for 10 years and spent much of that time climbing in and on the spine of the state, the Alaska Range. Three times I stood atop the mountain the Athabaskans call Denali, “the great one.” During that decade, I mountaineered for more than half a year on that magnificent state’s highest [...]

NSA Winds Down Phone-Records Collection Program

FILE PHOTO  NSA Compiles Massive Database Of Private Phone Calls

The National Security Agency has begun winding down its collection and storage of American phone records after the Senate failed to agree on a path forward to change or extend the once-secret program ahead of its expiration at the end of the month.
Barring an 11th hour compromise when the Senate returns to session May 31, [...]

Wildlife Detectives

Oregon Public Broadcasting created a series of reports on wildlife trafficking and poaching in the Pacific Northwest. Find them here:
Wrongdoers are profiting from their deadly exploitation of Northwest wildlife, from elk and deer to sturgeon and shellfish. But law enforcement and private citizens are out to stop these crimes against nature.
Columbia River sturgeon are poached [...]